Shahin Novrasli - Jazz
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Piano is an instrument which captures many styles of music. 1st Baku International Piano Festival will be presenting Pianists with their groups of tango, jazz, flamenco, classic, modern music, turk sanat music, piano concertos with orchestra , dj/lounge music and others as well as introducing local talented young pianists. 
Incredible concerts of different genres of music will be held at this festival.

”He is one of the great pianists what I ever heard of ..” says great, legendary Ahmad Jamal about Shahin. 

Modal at heart, improvisational in soul, academic in spirit, Azeri by roots; a cultural alchemy runs through Shahin Novrasli’s fingertips every time he plays. At around 20 years old, Shahin started touring US and Europe, performing at very famous and prestigous festivals and venues collaborating with a lot of great musicians.

A tempestuous fusion of jazz, classical and mugham, a traditional Azeri folk artform passed down through generations, his style captures the essence of his Land Of Fire homeland. Jazz-mugham; a style where East meets West.

Presentation of Shahin's album "BAYATI" released in March of this year by Japanese record company “Eight Islands Records” and Shahin's 45th birthday anniversary concert will be the closing event of the 1st Baku International Piano Festival followed by afterparty DJ/piano

Shahin Novrasli - Jazz Shahin Novrasli - Jazz