Vikram Ruzakhunov trio - Jazz
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19:00 - 22:00

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Piano is an instrument which captures many styles of music. 1st Baku International Piano Festival will be presenting Pianists with their groups of tango, jazz, flamenco, classic, modern music, turk sanat music, piano concertos with orchestra , dj/lounge music and others as well as introducing local talented young pianists. 
Incredible concerts of different genres of music will be held at this festival.

Vikram Ruzakhunov is a famous jazz pianist from Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. 
İn the European and Central Asian countries his significant contribution to the development of jazz is highly appreciated. 
He is playing a key role in popularization of jazz in the whole region of Central Asian countries and especially in Kyrgyzstan. 
He is awarded with the medal of “Excellence of culture of Kyrgyzstan”. 
Also he is the winner of the international jazz festival in Kazakhstan “Southern night”.

Vikram Ruzakhunov trio - Jazz Vikram Ruzakhunov trio - Jazz