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Best Feature-Length Documentary

Film: Lines
Director: Barbora Sliepková 
Country: Slovakia
Length: 1:20:00
Language: Slovak (with english subtitles)
Age limit: +12

About: Blanka is a woman in her 50s, alone in her apartment and in her life. Matuš, a young and motivated activist, hopes to become councillor of his municipality despite his lack of marketing savvy. A cool real estate agent sells the notion of a happy life through Bratislava apartments. Two collegial road workers paint road markings and when their shift is over, they drink beer in their boarding room and ponder the indifference of the city inhabitants. Danko, a queer music composer, lives in the city center with his mother in a modest flat. He takes long walks, listening to urban sounds, trying to capture the rhythm around him. Lines is a visual essay, a tangle of stories and observations, set in the exemplary post-socialist city of Bratislava; a place experiencing dynamic transformation.

Lines Lines