AHRP2019 Annual Human Resources Conference and Expo

Sat 4.05.2019 09:00

Azerbaijan Human Resources Professionals Platform (AHRP) holds AHRP
2019 Human Resources Conference and Exposition with the slogan "Human
resources as a business partner" on May 4, at the Baku Congress Center.
Aim of the event:
The aim of the conference is to deliver human resources' significant
functionality in the company's development, for human resources professionals
to adopt human resources practices that will make changes applying them in
their companies, to establish professional co-operation between participants and
speakers, and shortly to boost human resources value in Azerbaijan and to
contribute notably to the development of human resources.
The format of the event:
In order to increase the benefits of the event and the attention of senior
management to human resources, after the launch of the event this year, all the
participants will take part in question and answer sessions, that the top
management (CEO, etc) and human resources managers (HR director, etc.) are
taking place as key speakers.
Before the launch of the event and after the key speakers' session speeches and
during the lunch break, at the exhibition stand the participants will get
acquainted with the services offered by various companies operating in the
human resources field (training, consultation).
For the event to be the most useful for the participants, they will attend
sessions that will be only in practical format (workshops), which will last 45-50
minutes in accordance with the level of each of the 3 audiences, held by the
most proficient professionals of their field.
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