The Lazy Hare

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Spectators without COVID19 passport or immune certificate are not allowed to attend the event and purchased tickets are not refundable!

The play based on the work of the same name by Iskander Cosgun begins with a dialogue with young audiences. The main protagonist of the work, a rabbit, is very lazy and backward. Other forest animals that are friends with him teach their friends to be brave and hardworking. The message of the play to children is that a person should find happiness in life through hard work and suffering. The performance also fascinates young audiences against the background of cheerful music.

Founding Director: Logman Karimov (Honored Artist)

Age restrictions / Language

3+ / Azərbaycanca
The Lazy Hare The Lazy Hare

Venue location
48 Suleiman Sani Akhundov street, Binagadi district, Baku