A man from Podolsk

Fri 11.10.2019 20:00

UNS Creative Scene

M 30 - 60

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Event passed
  • "Priyut komedianta" Theatre

    Country: Russia
    Director: Michail Bychkov
    Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
    Genre: drama, experimental
    Age restriction: 16+
    Language: Russian with Azerbaijani subtitles

    A young man in his thirties, a resident of Podolsk near Moscow is detained and interrogated. The reason for detention is unclear – sober, accurate, he was able to present his documents and his identity was verified. But officers at the police station are determined to carry on with a very emotional interrogation, threaten to plant drugs in the man’s pocket or make him a suspect in decades-old cold cases. A typical situation from crime reports and detective stories... Yet, one should never underestimate an all mighty police force.

    Questions raised by the officers are completely inconsistent with the protocol and the laws of human logic. This performance is specifically targeting those of us who are constantly unhappy and complaining about something – a damp climate, boring work, an indifferent husband or wife, or a dull life in general. Perhaps, they should once visit a police station where the “Man from Podolsk” happened to be.



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20:00 - 21:40 - Fri, 11 Oct

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