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  • OLÉ! 
    The three guitar locos - “EL GUAPO”, “EL GENTLEMAN”, & “EL GROTESCO”.

    Country: Spain / Great Britain
    Director: Paul Morocco
    Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes
    Genre: flamenco clownery
    Age restriction: 0+
    Language: no dialogues

    Suspend, surprise and mesmerize you with musical mastery and hilarious visual comedy.

    An energetic explosion of flamboyant Flamenco and zany slapstick comedy, created and directed by Paul Morocco, OLÉ is a perfect mix of flamenco, salsa, swing, blues, jazz, and pop.

    Three Latin Machos take the comedy to the new level of absurd and funny, playing and throwing their guitars, spitting ping pong balls and inviting the spectators to probably the craziest, loudest and the most engaging celebration they ever had.

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From 0+ age
Event duration:
20:00 - 21:30 - Tue, 15 Oct

The concert hall of Opera Studio to Baku Music Academy

Shamsi Badalbayli 98, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 12)493 74 67