Azerbaijan State J. Jabbarli Theatre Museum

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Azerbaijan State Theatre Museum named after Jafar Jabbarli was founded in 1934. Over 140.000 exhibits are preserved in the fund of the museum. These are rare manuscripts that reflect the history of the national theater, its development paths, and the life and creativity of our theater luminaries, memorial items, photos of spectacles, programs and bills, clothing and decoration sketches, models prepared for spectacles, stage costumes of the actors and so on. Most of the exhibits preserved in our fund are original. These exhibits are also an invaluable treasure for new research on our theater history. The museum consists of 7 halls. Currently , only the Jafar Jabbarli hall is operating with full layout. There documents and personal belongings of the famous playwright Jafar Jabbarli are exhibited.

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Azerbaijan State J. Jabbarli Theatre Museum Azerbaijan State J. Jabbarli Theatre Museum