"Surakhani" Ship-Museum

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                     “SURAKHANI” SHIP-MUSEUM                             

 NOTE: The tour of the museum is 90 minutes. No more than 10 people are permitted in the hall at one time. Admission to 1 session is held within 15 minutes.                                                 

 5 days a week from 10: 00-19: 00                                                 

Days off: Monday and Tuesday




The right to get admission tickets FREE OF CHARGE and WITHOUT STANDING IN A QUEUE is given to the visitors falling under the below-mentioned category upon submission of supporting documents and ID cards (if the supporting documentation does not contain a photo):


- The national heroes of Azerbaijan

- The martyrs’ families

- Soviet Union Heroes

- Participants of the Great Patriotic War, Afghanistan, and Karabakh wars

- Persons disabled as a result of the January 20 and Chernobyl tragedies

- The first and the second group disabled persons and a person accompanying them

- Veteran sailors


Prices of admission tickets:

•        Individual visitor - 5 AZN

•        Students (upon submission of a student ID card) - 2 AZN

•         Schoolchildren – 2 AZN


•        The admission tickets for ASCO employees and sailors, members of their families (upon submission of an employee ID card) - 2 AZN

Tel.: +994502743097

Age restrictions / Language

5+ / Multilingual
"Surakhani" Ship-Museum "Surakhani" Ship-Museum