Hamlet | Collage

Thu 23.05.2019 20:00

Park Cinema Metro Park

M 13

Event passed
Event passed
  • Country:  Russia
    Year: 2019
    Runtime: 135 minutes without interval
    Language: Russian
    Genre: performance
    Age limit: 16+


    The play is about human, remaining with his own perception. Eugene Mironov plays all the roles of Shakespeare plays.

    In the performance, you can see all the latest methods of  work with video. In the middle of the composition cube constructor was programmed with a special way.

    “Hamlet | Collage "- is the first performance of Robert Lepage in Moscow, it`s the largest joint cultural project of Russia and Canada. All over the world, viewers know the works of Robert Lepage “The Other Side of the Moon”, “Project Anderson”, “Lipsink”, the famous Cirque du Soleil show “Kå” and many others. The proposal to stage the play in Moscow, Robert Lepage, received after a personal acquaintance with Yevgeny Mironov during the visit to the reconstructed building of the Theater of Nations.

    Robert Lepage: “Hamlet’s main problem is that he thinks too much. He does not find a solution to the problem. This is a character who works all the time with the brain. After all, the powerful symbol of the theater and “Hamlet” is the skull. Therefore, Shakespeare writes a huge scene where there is a skull, this is, after all, a human head. I do not have, of course, all the answers to my many questions. Therefore, it was interesting to do something with one actor, with the head of one actor.”

    Director – Rober Lepage
    Art director- Karl Fillion 
    Costume Designer – Francois Saint-Aubin
    Music and Sound – Jouse Bocage
    Video designer –Lionel Arnu
    Lightning designers – Robert Lepage, Bruno Matte

    Characters and performers: 

    - Evgeny Mironov
    Vladimir Malyugin participates in the performance 


    Nominations for the Golden Mask Award: 

    "The best drama performance", 
    "The best work of the director" 
    "Best Male Role", 
    "The best work of the art director", 
    "The best work of a costume designer" 

    Winner of the XXIII Theater Award "Crystal Turandot" in the nomination "The Best Male Role" (Yevgeny Mironov)
    Winner of the "Made in Russia" prize of the Snob magazine
    Winner of the “Star of Theater” award in the nomination “Best Performance”.


Park Cinema Metro Park

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