• As part of the Stanislavky Electrotheatre's tour, “About my mother and me” directed by Elena Morozova will be shown for the first time in Baku.
    The play by the modern writer and playwright Elena Isayeva is a story told by a long- grown girl who recalls her relationship with her mother. Mom worked in the film department at the Ministry of the River Fleet, the girl went to school, and both of them in their life together went through the most different, dramatic and funny, adventures. To present a favourite doll to a girlfriend, to write an honest essay in a literature class,
    to find a sleeping drunk uncle director at mom’s work — all these events left a deep imprint on the heroine’s memory. And through the memory of one character, the viewer will learn about the “big” history of a country that no longer exists.
    For the first time, the reading of Elena Isayeva’s play “About My Mother and Me” happened at “Lubimovka” Young Drama Festival in 2003; then for many years the performance was going on at the Teatr.doc in Moscow, as if emphasizing its autobiographical, real origin. In the version of the Electrotheatre, actresses Elena Morozova and Diana Rakhimova act out their dialogue in a tender, ridiculous spirit, forcing us to relive all the quirks of growing up.
    Based on the play by Elena Isayeva
    Director: Elena Morozova
    Cast: Elena Morozova, Diana Rakhimova
    Duration: 1 hour and 15 min.
    Language: Russian
    Age restriction: 16+
    Photos: Olympia Orlova-Vilberg
    Poster design: Ruslan Abbasov
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From 16+ age
Event duration:
19:00 - 20:15 - Sat, 9 May

The concert hall of Opera Studio to Baku Music Academy

Shamsi Badalbayli 98, Baku, Azerbaijan
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