"Aladdin's Magic Lamp"

About event

Azerbaijan State Puppet Theater invites its beloved audience to a new performance called "Aladdin's Magic Lamp".
As in the fairy tale, the hero of the play is a poor boy named Aladdin. Aladdin, who was more lazy as a child, and who was able to walk around with his monkey, whom he considered his best friend, is known as a famous juggler. The whole issue starts after that. He makes his way to the city of Baghdad, sees the Prince who came to watch him play, and decides to befriend him. Of course, he unwittingly becomes the tool of the greedy Vizier and finally finds the magic lamp and thus wins in the end.
It goes without saying that the magical power of all classic fairy tales works in this case and makes the story even more exciting and rich. So, the genie living in the magic lamp promises Aladdin that he will grant him three wishes in exchange for his release. After that, Aladdin gets the wealth he dreamed of and fulfills all his dreams.

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"Aladdin's Magic Lamp" "Aladdin's Magic Lamp"