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“Part flower” “Flower piese” (You are always vite mi) The famous playwright of Azerbaijan Ilyas Afandiyev’s “Part Flower” (“You’re always with me”) poem performance about the girl, age 19 in soft love with an old man. She’s father was killed in the war, martyr, she did not receive affection from mather, she was tired of the dirt circle, she was alone among the people, she is one. The ideals that she is looking for, she fineded a neighbour who lost his wife, his polite attitude. Hasan-zada understands love this girl, he understand’s her mental state. He know that love 20-30 years laterlost their freshness, it will not make her happy. Solution to this situation first return Nargila, info the public life, to insure it’s free life, after to move away from it. So the factory where he led, he took a job Nargila, let info the direction of the team, even the greatest respect for the guy, who loves her, Hasan-zade even if difficult for him, he changes his workpace, to leave her. His aristocratic step and the audience understand’s and she. “You’r always with me” exclamation point the end of the play is in the hearts.

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