Finally, the end
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19:00 - 19:50

About event

Author: Peter Turrini
Genre: Psychological drama
Language: Azerbaijani
Duration of the show: 50 minutes
Age requirement: 16+
Director: Mir Gabil Akperov
Assistent of the director: Said Abbasov
Actor: Javid Javadzadeh

A man counts to a thousand and commits suicide. This is the ‘point of no return’. The moment of truth. Thousands of moments spent in pleasure fall into oblivion. He cannot live like the rest of us. Or perhaps he does not want to. But he doesn’t succeed at living like he wants to either. He is the ultimate anti-hero of our age. He had it all – success, acclaim, honour, freedom of choice and love affairs. But why is he so empty on the inside? Why is he so lonely? A thousand moments. A thousand images. A thousand attempts to live life to the fullest. A thousand sighs.  A thousand disappointments. A man counts to a thousand and commits suicide. We witness his death. Just as we witness our own.


Finally, the end Finally, the end