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“ Khanuma” The action takes place in Avlabar district of Tiflis, in the end XIX century. Gone into the bankruptcy Georgian prince Pantiashvili plans to get successfully married, he then hires well – known match – maker Khanuma, who found for the prince the bride named Guliko. Another match – maker Kabato wants to marry prince on her candidate – Keto, the daughter of the rich merchant Makar. Makar is also interested in this marriage, since he dreams about the prince title; he then purchases the promissory notes of the prince. Kote, the nephew of Pantiashvili, is fallen in love with Keto and, furthermore, acts as her private tutor. Khanuma, desiring to prevent her competitor and to simultaneously to help young lovers, decides to spoil the prince’s match – making. She changes herself dress and presends herself as Keto. Prince rejects to marry Keto, after he saw old, curved and lame bride, and again is going to take Guliko in wife. Khanuma changes the dress of Keto and presents her as Guliko. The enchanted prince desides marry her, but merchant Makar, began to threaten to Pantiashvili by collected promissory notes, after he learned this. Then Kote, the nephew of Pantiashvili, advised his uncle to marry Keto. Thus he saved his uncle from the debts and allowed the merchant to place the prince coat of arms at his caroch. Pantiashvili gives his consent, and himself marries Guliko. Khanuma in turn marries Niko, Makar’s steward.