Sheki Khans’ Palace

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 Sheki Khan Palace - is a world-famous historical and architectural monument located in the territory of "Yukhari Bash" National Historical-Architectural Reserve.

 On 7 July 2019, the Historic Centre of Sheki with the Khan’s Palace was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


 This Palace was built in 1762 the period of Muhammed Huseyn Khan who was the grandson of Haji Chalabi Khan. It was not used any glue, nail , and cement in the construction of the building. It was used local construction materials, including lime, burnt land, and egg white.


 The building has two floors and consists of 6 rooms, 4 corridors, 2 mirrored balcony, and 4 doors. Thousands of small pieces of glass were used to produce the shebeke window mosaics, fitted together without glue or nails.


 The 300-year-old oak and plane trees growing in the yard add a sense of mystery - to touch them feels like coming into contact with 300-400 years of history. Inside the palace the multi-colored patches of the light beam through the shebeke, playing with the sunshine and pleasing the human eye, the refined drawings on the ceilings and the various patterns on the walls - all this makes you wonder about the richness of the imagination and talent of the old Sheki masters.


 There is a small piece of the poem which is read with a mirror inside the inscription of the ceiling. It was noted that “I wrote it in memory, I will not stay but it will”


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Sheki Khans’ Palace Sheki Khans’ Palace

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Mirza Fatali Akhundov, Sheki, AZ5503