“Yanar dag” State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve

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“Yanar dag” State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve created with the Order dated May 2, 2007 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and has been subordinated to the State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministries No 255 dated 7 June 2018.

It locates in Mammadli village of Absheron region, on the left side of Digah-Mammadli –Digah highway which is about 27 km away from Baku city, 2 km from the village center.  The total area of the reserve is 64,55 ha. This area includes Yanardag as well as other tangible heritages, such as “Gurd Yuvasi” (The Nest of Wolf) – ancient caves, a thousand years aged two cemeteries, “Sulfurous springs”, active “Girmaki” mud volcano, “Ali dash tomb” – sacred rocks, “Kardashi” (Rock of Deaf) – natural rock stones, spectacular “Girmaki valley”, historical burial sites that exhibits funeral traditions of the ancient Turkic tribes.

This magnificent monument has come to form as a result of flaming natural gas which has come to surface due to volcanic - tectonic process in the place. The flaming process has been observed in the place since the ancient times that is proved through geological researches in the place as well as through some written historical sources.

There used to be three flamed hills in the opposite side of Yanar dag, but they are now put out. The symbol of Baku as a “three flames” with the sea is believed to come from Yanar dag. Indeed, some places in Absheron, including Yanar Dag were the sacred places of Zoroastrians in ancient times. Moreover, these places were settled down in times of the Upper Paleolithic. Some prehistoric tangible heritages that are found in the area, such stone crème, tombstones prove, prove this fact.

Considering these historical-cultural and natural importance of the site, Mr. President Ilham Aliyev signed an Order dated 17 July 2018 pertained re-construction of and building modern facilities for tourism purposes in Yanar Dag reserve, and the reconstruction works has been now started accordingly.

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“Yanar dag” State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve “Yanar dag” State Historical-Cultural and Natural Reserve