Yanardag and Ateshgah Group Tour

Thu 14.11.2019 15:00 - Sat 30.11.2019 15:00

Yanardag and Ateshgah

M 25

Probably, hearing the “burning mountain” has at least once piqued your curiosity and gave
you the urge to go and see it with your own eyes. If so, then hasten to witness the raging
fires on a hillside which have been sleeping out of the depths of the earth and burning for
thousands of years without going out at any time.
Those who are keen on feeling the still-lingering spirit of how fire-worshippers once
performed their religious rites in the temple of eternal fire, those who wish to witness the
way they did self-harm practices in the name of fire, as well as find oneself in the chambers
of Hindu traders (multans) and travelers staying overnight, then it’s definitely what you
shouldn’t miss to visit.
• Departing at 15:00 daily, the 4 – hour tour will provide you with:
-Fast-track entrance
-Tour guide service
-Free entrance to the reserves
-Bottled water
•Start point: Azadlig Square (next to Park Bulvar Mall)

Note: The maximum carrying capacity of the bus is 20 pax. If there weren’t be any available seats in a first bus, the second bus will be sent to the route. 

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From 0+ age

Yanardag and Ateshgah

Azadlig Square (next to Park Bulvar Mall)