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AZECON "The Galactic Journey"

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is made of words "costume" and "play", and means "costume play". It is a play, where cosplayers use different accesories and costumes to demonstrate a scene from a japanese animations known as "anime" (or another foreign animations), comics, film, video game or a book, where their favorite characters take role.
AzeCON is the first and only Cosplay Convention in Azerbaijan. This event targets to gather people from a wide range together who are interested in anime, manga/comics, cybersport and japanese modern culture. Thus, AzeCON becomes an event where people with a common interest from different regions of Azerbaijan will be able to share knowledge and have discussion. Attendees can cover with characters from their favorite video game/film/anime.
Our convention includes stands where people can see introduction of anime/manga/comics/film/book/video games or buy them. Also, there will be karaoke, dancing scene, painting and hand-made goods workshop, video clip recording, special photo sessions for cosplayers, and "Cosplay Competition" that everyone is excited about!