• No Land - is a music group composed of Azerbaijani, Iranian and Turkish musicians, who have come from various cultures and geographies. It took its name from Sahand Lesani's film "No Man's Land".

    No Land was founded in 2012 as a result of a combination of Iranian Sahand Lesani (electric guitar), Turkish Mehmet Akif Ersoy (acoustic guitar) and Azerbaijani Kamil Hajiyev (vocal, violin).  Later, Chagatai Vural (bass guitar), Kaan Yol (drum), Hazal Akkerman (violoncello, vocal) joined the group.

    In 2016, No Land released its first album “Aramizda” (Among us). The album “Aramizda” consists of some works created since 2013 and these works are mainly comprised of songs that emerged during the group’s formation. The songs in the album are in Turkish and Azerbaijani languages. The lyrics of the songs in the album were written by Vugar Hasani and Kamil Hajiyev. The only “cover” in this album is the song "Why these ways are so long" by Azer Jirttan Mammadov, a valuable Azerbaijani artist.

    The second album, "Pusulası Kaybolmuş" (Someone who lost his/ her compass) was released on February 6, 2019 on virtual platforms. There are a total of 8 songs in Turkish, Azerbaijani, Persian and Russian in this album. As with the first album, Kamil Hajiyev and Vugar Hasani wrote the lyrics.


    Aramizda (Among us) 

    •    Yüzerdik

    •    Payız

    •    Niyə  Belə Uzundur Bu Yollar

    •    Aramızd Dinozor

    •    Müstefilatun

    •    Değil

    •    Yolcu

    •    Sor

    •    Düşünme Kaybolursun

    •    52 Hertz Whale – Outro

    PusulasıKaybolmuş (Someone who lost his/ her compass)    

    •    Şehr-iyar

    •    Sodom Gomore

    •    Pusulası Kaybolmuş

    •    Lakrima

    •    Kritaliye Kacheli

    •    N'olmuş

    •    Pervin

    •    Seyir

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