Hello Summer Party

Mon 10.06.2019 19:00 - Tue 11.06.2019 00:30

"Aysberq" Resort Complex

M 40

  • The most grandiose party of summer!

    Opening party of summer-Hello Summer Party.

    The guests of party:

    Beside VIP Stars of summer,becoming trend with the music “Bu menim oykum”and having 160 million views Ali Turkoglu.

    All stars will perform 30 minutes.The leading of the party is MC Bigman and with Dj Proxxy & Dj ZZ grandiose party.


    Free menu:Sushi, pizza, cooked corn on the spot, energy drinks, cold drinks, cocktails varieties (Mochito, Fruit, Milkshake), ice cream varieties, etc.

    Dron shooting over the sea,grandiose acoustic,grandiose light effects,free photo session-all photos will be sent everybody individual.



    Aysberg Beach Hotel 

    Detail information 

    +994 77 217 41 47

    + 994 77 433 63 43

Helpful info
Events can be visited by:
From 18+ age
Event duration:
10 June 19:00 - 11 June 0:30