New Year's interactive fairy tale-show "Wonderful Alarm"

New Year's interactive fairy tale-show "Wonderful Alarm" CosplayClub presents the New Year's interactive fairy tale-show "Wonderful Alarm" where the audience will be able to become the real wizards and help favorite heroes to find kindness, courage and ingenuity. The story starts on a New Year's Eve when dear visitors from the Cybertron — Optimus Prime and BambleBee , The Queen of Snow Kingdom – Elza and her sister Anna, snowman Olaf and Kristoff, inhabitants of the looking-glass - the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat and the Keeper of Magic clocks – his Majesty Grand Clock are in a hurry to celebrate New Year with Santa Claus and the Snow maiden. Adventures of heroes are sated with unusual events, various barriers on their ways, fantastic evil forces build the plan and the Red Queen of Hearts together with Megatron wants to spoil the New Year’s Eve, Alice with help of her friends have to manage to return his Majesty Grand Clock and to turn on the mechanism of the Magic Clocks The wonderful alarm- is a fascinating story how friendship is capable to overcome any difficulties! Songs, dances, adventures of heroes will take you through the fairy-tale and you will get to the unforgettable atmosphere of a New Year's Eve. Duration is-1 h 20 min. without interval The cost of tickets – 35 azn (Mother + the Child)
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