Woman's Day Jazz Songs

Sun 8.03.2020 20:30

Moon Blue Jazz Club & Bar

M 100

Event passed
Event passed
  • Women are like jazz and each one gives a special harmony to our lives.
    Pre-book your place on “Woman's day jazz songs” at 20:30 on March 8th, if you want to please the lovely and private ladies and make the day memorable.
    Guests of the evening: Sabina Hajiyeva (vocals), Afshin Alizadeh (piano) and Aydin Zeydullayev (saxophone)
    Our 2-person menu on a special day - 100 azn (2 main dishes, 2 salads, desserts and bottles)
    Our new location is located on the 3rd floor of the Museum Park Hotel, located at the Kichik Gala 26, behind the Old City subway.

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Events can be visited by:
From 6+ age
Event duration:
20:30 - 22:30 - Sun, 8 Mar

Moon Blue Jazz Club & Bar

Icheri Sheher, 26 Kichik Gala street
+994 50 464 51 13