"Halloween" party from Bella Pizza

Sat 30.10.2021 13:00

Bella Pizza

M 40

Tickets sold out
Tickets sold out
  • The "Halloween" party will be organized for children from 5 years old. During the party, our company will provide children with various costumes, and during the event, an interesting and entertaining master class will be held. Animators will also take part in the event. A face-art artist will be invited to make the children's day unforgettable. At the end of the holiday, children will be presented with various gifts.

    The price includes:
    1. "Halloween" costume
    2. Faceart
    3. Animator
    4. Balloons
    5. Food and drinks
    6. Master class
    7. Certificate

Helpful info
Events can be visited by:
From 5+ age
Event duration:
13:00 - 16:00 - Sat, 30 Oct

Bella Pizza

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