Blackish Girl


"Blackish Girl" (Two-part performance) Age Limit: 3+ Author: Suleyman Sani Akhundov, Abdullah Shaig Acting director: People’s artist Vagif Asadov Starring: Asya Atakishiyeva, Zumrud Guliyeva, Manaf Dadashov, Simuzar Agakishiyeva Genre: fairy tale and performance Duration of the performance: : I part – 50 min II part – 35 min A gypsy called Yasemen adopts Tutu who lost both of her parents during earthquake. Everyone calls this girl “Blackish” But Yasamen runs away with a young gypsy and Blackish has to stay with Oruj. Oruj makes her dance in the streets and earns money by this way. One day Blackish appears in the house of nobleman and becomes friend with his daughter Whitish. Blackish dies on the laps of her beloved gradfather Piri when she sucks out poison of the snake that bit Whitish.

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