• "The Ugly Duckling" (based on the samename work, staged by Nijat Kazimov)

      (one-part allegory)

    Age Limit: 3+

    Author: Hans Andersen

    Acting director: Merited artist Nijat Kazımov

    Starring: Anar Seyfullayev,  Merited artist Almaz Mustafayeva, Shafaq Aliyeva

    Genre: fairy tale and performance

    Duration of the performance:  1hour 15 min

    One of the ducklings of the mother duck is ugly. Nobody wants to look at or communicate with it. Neighbors slander it to get rid of her. And her only defender - the mother also believes the slanders. They drive her out. The duckling suffers from hunger, thirst and cold. She even wants to commit a suicide. But she is saved thanks to the good of the world. Rescuers - cranescome and take her to theirherd. Ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful crane. Everyone looks at her with jealousy and amazement. The authors prefer not the appearance, but the beauty of heart, attitude, and instill it with the performance.

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From 3+ age
Event duration:
14:00 - 15:30 - Sun, 15 Mar

Azerbaijan State Youth Theatre of Young Spectators

Nizami Street 72, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 51) 466 23 80