Tiq-tiq khanum


Abdullah Shaig "Tik-tik khanim"

Age Limit: 3+

Author: Abdullah Shaig

Acting director: People’s artist Agakhan Salmanli

Starring: Gunel Mammadova, Elnur Karimov

Genre: fairy tale and performance

Duration of the performance: 1hour 5 min

The two-part fair tale and performance "Tik-tik khanim" by Abdulla Shaig was staged on the basis of children's favorite tale. The performance is not only talking about friendship and kindness, but also praises the honesty. Therefore, a friendship between Tik-tik khanim and Mouse that was subjected to a number of trials prevails and they reconcile. There are cheerful songs and interesting dances in the play that will drawyour children's attention.

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