Who Is Happy in Russia?

Sun 11.11.2018 15:00

Academic National Drama Theatre

M 10 - 50

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    Here, in one dynamic space, the sense of absolute freedom collides with objective reality, global art trends are in contention with the individuality of each creator.

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    Who Is Happy in Russia?

    Based on Nikolai Nekrasov's eponymous poem.

    The production consists of three parts. The first is the "Dispute". It is about peasants who are asking the famous question: “Who lives fun and freely in Russia?”. What forced them to give up homes and families and hit the road? Where are the boundaries of the "Russian world"? What prevents them from finding long-awaited freedom?

    The second part of the production is "Drunken Night". Drunken peasants wander in the fields; they are hearing voices that are calling for them. Is it real, or the phantoms of a sick imagination?

    The third part is "The Feast for All the World”. It is about happy people, about "the keys to female happiness", about defenders and blessed…


    Director and set decorator: Kirill Serebrennikov

    Genre: drama

    Date: 11/11/2018, Sunday

    Time: 15:00

    Venue: Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre

    Language: Russian (subtitles in Azeri)

    Duration: 220 minutes (with two intermissions)


    Age restriction: 18+

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