Le Corsaire

Sat 23.11.2019


Country: Russia
Year: 2017
Genre: ballet
Language: English, French (russian subtitles)
Runtime: 3 hours 20 minutes
Age: 12+

Libretto by Jules Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Joseph Mazilier edited by Marius Petipa

Use is made in the production of music by Leo Delibes, Cesare Pugni, Pyotr von Oldenburg, Riccardo Drigo, Albert Zabel, Julius Gerber.

Music dramaturgy conception — Yuri Burlaka
Score restored by Alexander Troitsky

The original score by Adolphe Adam/Leo Delibes for Le Corsaire has been made available by L’Opera national de Paris from the archives of La Bibliotheque nationale de France

The choreographic notation has been made available by the Harvard University Theatre Collection

 Evgeny Ponomaryov’s costume sketches (1899) used in the production have been made available by the St. Petersburg State Theatre Library

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