Casanova: Lessons of Love


"Casanova: Lessons of Love"

Age limit: 6+

Author: Viktor Korkiya and Alexander Lavrin

Genre: Comedy

Language: Russian

Duration: 1 act - 60 minutes

                     2 act- 55 minutes

Moviemaker: Ilgar Safat
Art Director: Mustafa Mustafayev

Musical arrangement: Ilgar Safat

The myth of the ladies' pleaser, similar to reality, was invented by two Moscow playwrights, assuring us that the art of seduction has neither age nor nationality. Then there is the power of thought, the power of passion, the power of the word, the power of action and the power of fantasy, which in the hands of an experienced lady pleaser becomes a powerful weapon of seduction! There are no conventions or obstacles for someone who has a goal. Moreover, if the goal is a beautiful young and inexperienced girl? This kindles even more excitement in the seducer! But here's the bad luck: our hero seems to have played so much in the authenticity of human passions that he challenges a girl named Death! Who will be defeated in this deadly love round? After watching the play, you will receive an answer to this question. In the role of Casanova, for the first time on the stage of the Russian Drama Theater, the People’s Artist of Azerbaijan Fakhraddin Manafov is busy, who is known as a terrific film actor who has played many prominent roles in films included in the golden fund of national art. The plot of "Casanova: Lessons of Love" is the eternal problem of the father, the choice of a groom for his daughter - clever, beautiful woman with an independent, obstinate character. Fate throws him impoverished, but titled groom with strong ancestral roots. And when a deal is made in the city, a rumor is heard that the red tape and seducer Don Juan arrived. To protect his daughter from the fall, the father, as a tutor of the lessons of love, hires an aging Casanova ... But no one could even suggest that it would take such a turn!

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