Do not joke with love

Sat 6.01.2018 19:00

Russian Drama Theatre

M 15

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  • "Do not joke with love" 

    Age limit: 6+

    Author: Pedro Calderon

    Genre: Lyrical comedy

    Language: Russian

    Duration: 1 act - 70 minutes

                         2 act- 50 minutes

    Moviemaker: Anna Potapova (Russia)
    Art Director: Irina Yaremenko (Russia)

    Musical arrangement: Vladimir Neverov (Honored Worker of Culture)

    Lyrical comedy in the style of a youth party, glam jazz, first love, first passion, first kiss! The atmosphere filled with erotic feelings and yearning desires! It seems that a little more and everything will reach agreement and harmonious love, because according to the law of the cloak and sword genre there is everything for it:  and the desire to love and be loved, and the cunning of the younger sister, and strict rules of the father, and resourceful and inventive servants, and chimerical girlish dream in the style of contemporary dance! So why can not you manage to trust your feeling to the ingrained ladies' man and the inveterate husband and woman? What or who has become an obstacle to this? Will lovers find a way to each other's heart? This can be found by watching the performance.

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19:00 - 20:30 - Sat, 6 Jan

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