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    "Five Wives of Molla Nasraddin"

    Age Limit: 6+

    Author: İbrahim Sadigov

    Genre: Comedy

    Language: Azerbaijani

    Duration of the performance:  I act - 55 minutes

                                                         II act – 60 minutes

    Stage director: Asgar Asgarov

    Art dicector: Nabat Samadova

    Conductor director: Fahraddin Atayev (Honored Artist)

    The performance is based on the two-part comedy of the Uzbek writer Ibrahim Sadigov's  “Five Wives of Molla Nasraddin”. Well-known Azerbaijani writer Dilsuz Mustafayev translated the work into Azerbaijani.

         Every Turkish nation believes that Molla Nasraddin belongs to them. In fact, Molla Nasraddin is generally a symbol of wisdom and perfection of the Turkish world. This eternal image is modern in all periods with its virtue, its occasional and operative attitude, intense, intellectual sense of humor. At first glance, the comedy “Molla Nasraddin’s Five Wives’ has a very simple, ordinary plot line but at the same time it talks about a very important issue. Our clever, discreet - Molla Nasraddin who manages to get out of challenging situations has faced this time with witchcraft women and not only with one but  five. The four women - who are the presents of king, set up a game with the offer and presence of the first lady of the house…

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From 6+ age
Event duration:
19:00 - 21:15 - Sat, 27 Nov

Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theatre

Zarifa Aliyeva Street 8, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 12) 598 49 17