Thu 27.02.2020


By: Kobo Abe
Genre: Psychological drama
Language: Azerbaijan
Performance duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Age: From 13+
Date: 27.02.2020
Time: 7:00 pm
Address: Academic National Drama Theater (small stage)
Director: Umud Abbas
Actors: Mir Gabil Akbarov, Azer Ayazoglu, Amina Jafarova, Anar Bulud, Gunel Abbas

The performance is a psychological performance. The former head of the weapons factory has a man who has mental problems, and when he gets caught he returns to the war, and his son is looking for a reason why my father is recovering. Looking for the answer. But everyone is protected because they have their own fortifications. Nevertheless, he is found guilty. In the end, we can conclude that each of us is sinful, whether we are strong or not. If the fortification is properly built, even the paper is considered to be fortified.

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From 13+ age