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  • "Giselle" (2 Act)

    Age Limit: 6+

    Сomposer: Adolphe Adam

    Libretto: V.Sen-Jeorge, Th.Gautier and J.Corally

    Genre: Сlassical ballet

    Duration of the performance: 2 hour 30 minutes


    Conduktor of the performance: Eyub Quliyev

    Ballet –master producer: Gamer Almaszade                                         

                                       CONTENTS OF THE BALLET

    Act 1.The little village. The common and artless people are living here. The trustful! and innocent girl Jizel delights thesun, singing of the birds and first of all love lias blighted her. She has loved believed that she is loved. The forester in love with tier tries to convince her that her lover Albert is not ordmaru peasant. He is disguised nobleman and he decieves her.

    The forester makes Albeit's home way and has found the silver svord with the coat of arms. And now he convmcec. Albert has hidden his noble origin.The nobles with a large suite stay m the village after the hunting. The peasants are greeting them friendly and cordiallu.

    Albert is confused... His bride Batilda is among the noblemans. The indignant forester shows all people the Albert’s sword and caughts Albert in a Lie.Jizel shockes bu the Albert's treachem. Her vorld of faith and dreams is destrou.She dies in the torments.

    Act 2.The night among the graves. “Vonderful villises are dancing bu the moon light. Their dancing gets ferventer and quicuker because then fell that the hour given them for this dance is running out and they must again sink into their cold graves”. (G.Geyne)

    The forester was worn out with pangs of conscience comes to Jizel's grave. The villi- scs bu the order of their sovereign Mirta are turning the forester m the marvellous and ghostlu round dance till he falls life-lies.

    Albert can not forget lost Jizel He comes to her grave. The vilhses surround the youth jast the same time. The dreadful! fate of the forester threatens Albert. Appeared Jizel’s shadow defends him from the wrath of villises. Innocent and selfless love of the girl has protected and rescued Albert.

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Event duration:
19:00 - 20:00 - Sat, 24 Feb

Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

Nizami Street 95, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 12) 493 31 88