Leyli and Majnun

Sat 23.03.2019 19:00

Marionette Theater

M 14 - 19

Tickets sold out
Tickets sold out


    The show has been stages for being performed 

    in “a black cabinet”. Technically, this creative solution requires our visitors to follow next essential conditions: 

    a) avoid coming late (entrance to the auditorium is impossible after the show began);

    b) respect the age restrictions (children under 12 are not allowed);

    c) turn off your mobiles and similar devices (even minor light of any screen can ruin the show).

    “Leyli & Majnun”

    marionette show

    DETAILED INFO: http://marionet.az/en/program/7

    ‘Leyli & Majnun’ is the ancient legend of a delicate love story and endless fidelity. Its roots are in Arabian folklore, but it has been embraced by the entire Oriental world. Young Leyli and Majnun, the protagonists of this tragic and poetic love story, find their direct analogies in classic European literary tradition: Tristan and Iseult, Romeo and Juliet, etc



Marionette Theater

Müslüm Maqomayev 20, Səbail, Bakı
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19:00 - 20:00 - Sat, 23 Mar