Sat 11.05.2019



Age limit: 6+

Author: Natig Rasulzada

Genre: Eccentric comedy

Language: Russian

Duration: 1 act - 55 minutes

                     2 act- 50 minutes

Moviemaker: Emin Mirabdullayev
Musical arrangement: Vladimir Neverov (Honored Worker of Culture)

Happened to you gentlemen, to meet women who arrogate to themselves male qualities? No, it is not about suffragists and not about feminists. It is about our contemporaries, who decided to do business! Father's upbringing, grandmother's instructions, the desire to gain independence turned her into a tough, rude, almost cynical person, in whom everything began to be measure by the amount of money: life, affairs, and relationships with people. How to know how far Meme could go if she had not met Him: an ordinary professor. Clever. Educated. Compliant. But will their relationship ever end in a wedding? Will the professor endure the male style of behavior Meme and further, or, having left the scientific path, would prefer to head her business? But will Meme take this step?

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