Rain, Rain, Rain

Thu 4.04.2019 19:00

ADO Theatre - Collective

M 10

Event passed
Event passed
  • About the performance: He wants to talk with people. Finding only misunderstanding around him, he gets lost in his dreams. He keeps falling into the depth of his thoughts and fantasies. Meanwhile it rains and rains and rains.

    Play: The Night Just Before the Forests
    Playwright: Bernard Marie Koltes
    Director: Elsa Furtado
    Translation: Gulnara Sadyxova
    Editors: Minaxanym Asadova, Anar Garayli
    Actor: Elmin Badalov


ADO Theatre - Collective

Mirzaaga Aliyev Street 245, AZ1014, Baku
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19:00 - 20:00 - Thu, 4 Apr