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  • "Testament"

    Age Limit: 13+

    Author: H.Miralamov

    Genre: Black comedy

    Language: Azerbaijani

    Duration of the performance:  I act – 70 minutes

                                                          II act– 65 minutes

    Stage director : Firudin Maharramov

    Art director : Nazim Baykhishiyev

    Producer: Alif Jahangirov

    This play written by H.Miralamov is about a (will) of the ____ to his relatives. He is a rich businessman. Attracting his relatives to his company, he gives them an opportunity to be rich. The events begin with the invitation of the guests to the party 10 mark his 60th birth anniversary

    After the relatives come the meeting begins. Dovran gives an information about the will. But this will will be declared after his death. The next events gets stretched. Suddenly the lights were switched  off Dovran goes to check the electrical power lines and it kills him. Everybody surprises. The people bury him. Because they want to know about the will. The testament is read. The sound of the mobile phone is head. The man who  calls is Dovran. Nobody believes it.

    The people don`t want him to revive nobody can call  from beyond. Dovran revives and comes to his relatives. The revived man has already known his relatives. His first job is to tear the testament.

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