•                                                 "The government inspector"

                                        (duration 2.15 with intermission; 15 actors)

                                                            Comedy in two acts

    The comedy about adventurers and crooks, although written a century and a half ago,remains extremely modern. Behind the screen of the classic plot hides all the signs of our time: bribery, arbitrariness, lawlessness. And although the spectator laughs during the whole performance, tearing his stomach, revelation waits him in the final. 

    "The government inspector" is a performance that is full of Gogol's devilish jokes and comic situations. Slightly updated material in the performance of the honored art worker of Ukraine Vyacheslav Zhyly, sounds in a new way bitingly and vigorously. Recognizable characters,unambiguous hints - the truth is closely mixed with the joke in the production.

    Cast:Mayor - Alexander Melamud

    Anna Andreevna - Lilia Rebrik

    Marya Antonovna - Ksenia Vertinskaya

    Luka Lukic - Vladislav Dmitruk

    Lyapkin-Tyapkin - Alexey Vertinsky

    Zemlyanika - Vladimir Kokoktunov

    Postmaster (Shpekin) - Vladimir Goryansky

    Dobchinsky - Igor Cheban

    Bobchinsky - Peter Zuziak

    Khlestakov - Alexander Zhyla

    Osip - Valery Shalyga

    Gibner - Alexander Papus

    Tavern servant, Gendarm - Igor Krikunov

    Rats - Elena Oleynikova, Maria Ryaboshapko


Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre

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