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Thu 30.09.2021 10:00

İçərişəhər tour

  • Join us to discover Baku’s medieval core, a UNESCO-protected site surrounded by 12th-century walls, brimming with history and Eastern architecture. Here you’ll find the Maiden Tower, Baku’s most mysterious site – no one knows for certain what it was originally built for! Meanwhile, occupying the highest spot in the citadel, the Shirvanshahs’ Palace was the 15th-century residence of Azerbaijan’s medieval rulers. Beyond its main attractions, the ‘Inner City,’ as it’s called by the locals, is a labyrinth of narrow alleyways home to some of Baku’s oldest residents, as well as artists’ workshops, souvenir stalls, and traditional restaurants serving classic Azerbaijani dishes.


    • Price : 50 azn
    • Departing : 10:00 am
    • Tour duration: 3 hours

    Pick up point - Azadliq Square (near the Park Bulvar Mall)

    The price indicated for this tour is considered for the tourists of the city.

    In case of any question, please call +994 12 498 12 44; +994 51 229 98 33 or approach Baku Tourism Information Center.

  • "Icheri Sheher" State Historical and Architectural Reserve

    "Icheri Sheher" State Historical and Architectural Reserve

    Baku, st. Aziz Aliyev
    (012) 505 94 16