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M 90 - 135
Sat 18.09.2021 15:00 - Mon 25.10.2021 17:00

Wine tour

  • This tour is an ideal alternative for wine lovers, true fans of winemaking as well as those who wants to try something new. You will have  the opportunity to get acquainted with the history and ancient traditions of the production of famous Azerbaijani wines. And most importantly, there is no special need to go somewhere far away, or even outside the Old City. We will try to fully immerse you in the history of Azerbaijan.

    We will visit cozy places popular wtih the local community, where you can try different varients of national wines and cheese. The tour includes a gift - 1 bottle for two to choose from red or white wine. You can also become a lucky owner of the pearl of Azerbaijani winemaking - pomegranate wine.

  • "Icheri Sheher" State Historical and Architectural Reserve

    "Icheri Sheher" State Historical and Architectural Reserve

    Baku, st. Aziz Aliyev
    (012) 505 94 16