Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatrу

The Azerbaijan State Puppet Theater was founded in 1931 for children in Baku. In some years (1931–1941; 1946–1950) it was an independent theater,  at a certain time worked together with the Azerbaijan State Theater for Young Spectators (1941–1946) and the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic. Since 1950).

The first performance of this theater was shown in 1932 (a performance called "Circus"). Different years (1931 - 1941); (1946-1950) acted as an independent theater and for some time acted at the Azerbaijan Theater of Young Spectators (1941-1946) and the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Society (1950).


Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatrу

Neftchilar Avenue 36 , Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 12) 4926425