La traviata
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“La Traviata” (opera in three acts)

Age restriction: 6+

Composer: Giuseppe Verdi

Libretto by: Francesco Maria Piave

Genre: Classic opera

Language: Italian

Duration: 3 hours


Conductor: Eyub Guliyev

Stage director: Jannat Salimova



First act

Hall in Violetta’s house, Paris, year 1840.

Grand ball on the occasion of Violetta’s cure from tuberculosis is in full swing. Gaston introduces Alfred Germain to Violetta as her passionate admirer who checked on her daily during her illness. She thanks Alfredo and reproaches protector baron Douphol for not caring about her health. Baron rumbles something in his defense and complaints to Flora Bervoix, Violetta’s friend, that he doesn’t like the young man. Gaston and Violetta invite Alfred to sing for guests and he sings famous song.

Violetta invites everyone to ball room, but suddenly she’s feeling unwell. Thinking that she’s left alone, she studies her ill paleness in the mirror. Upset Alfred watching her. “Your lifestyle will kill You”, -he says, calling her for more simple lifestyle and confessing about his feelings towards her. Violetta touched by his honesty replies that they can be friends so he should look for love elsewhere. She hands him a flower and says he should return when flower withers. “Tomorrow?”, he asks with hope. “Perfect”, she replies, “tomorrow”.

Guests parted. Violetta left to think by herself in her luxury hall. Although she gave up on her hope for such love that Alfredo offered her but possibly secretly she was dreaming about it. She passes on these thoughts in a beautiful aria trying to convince herself that her life is intended for freedom and pleasure. But Alfredo’s voice serenading at her window stops her.

Second act

Violetta’s countryside home past three months.

Alfredo reflects on his happy life with Violetta as he left by himself. Maid Anina enters and explains that she was ordered by Violetta to travel to Paris to sell Violetta’s jewelry. Affected and having learned about their distressed financial situation Alfredo leaves to buy out Violetta’s belongings and to solve all her debts.

Glowing Violetta’s enters looking for Alfredo. Anina informs her that he left for Paris but doesn’t explains the reason. Violetta’s receives an invitation from Flora to attend dress up ball but says that she’s not interested in attending.

Alfredo’s father, Giorgio Germont, visits Violetta to accuse her in leading Alfred to financial collapse. He’s surprised to find out that she supports her lovers and amazed by her self-respect. He explains that Alfredo’s relationship with courtesan puts possibility of his daughter to marry under a threat. Violetta agrees to separate Alfred till his sister marries. But Germont isn’t satisfied with it and he insists on ending their relationship once and for all. Violetta is very upset and begs him to change his mind. She explains that she’s seriously ill and she won’t live if they break up. Man tries to comfort her by explaining that she’s young, beautiful and will find new lover. She asks him to stop talking but he carries on saying his feelings towards her can’t go o. He begs her to end their relationship for his family’s reputation and future sake.

Exhausted Violetta agrees with Germont’s request hoping that this sacrifice will redeem her sinful soul. She asks Germont to tell his daughter about this. Only now Germont understands the depth of Violetta’s feelings and nonetheless he offers her to simply tell Alfredo that she doesn’t love him anymore. Knowing that Alfredo will never believe her Violetta decides to leave him. Violetta asks Germont to tell Alfredo the truth about this sacrifice after her death so he doesn’t curse her memory. Germont leaves touched by this situation.

Violetta writes a letter to Alfredo but discontinues as she finds out that his father will arrive. “He’ll fall in love with You as soon as he finds out”, - he tells Violetta. Her heart breaks, she over and over again asks Alfredo if he truly in love with her, asks for loyalty and runs back to the house. Satisfied but puzzled Alfredo wait for his father’s arrival but instead messenger hands him Violetta’s letter. Feeling of fear fills him. He screams reading Violetta’s letter telling him that she’s leaving him. His father enters and try to comfort him. Germont senior persuades Alfredo to return to Provance but son is full of determination to find Violetta. Alfredo assumes that Violetta will attend Flora’s ball as he sees invitation and leaves for town.

Third act

Same evening in Flora’s house.

Dress up ball in Flora’s house is in full swing. Marchese d’Obigny surprises everyone by Alfredo and Violetta’s break up news and she’ll arrive to the ball with Barone Douphol. Bacchanals are entertained by their friends dressed as gypsies and matadors. Alfred carelessly enters and informs everyone that he doesn’t know anything about Violetta. Shortly after Violetta and Douphol enter hand-in-hand. Alfredo joins the gamblers and gambles quoting that people that fail in love win in gambling. Violetta heard that regrets attending the ball. Alfred wins but the game suspended by the invite to the dinner table.

Violetta is lagging to warn Alfredo about the clash with Barone. Young man insists on Viloletta’s return to countryside byt she says that she swore to leave Alfredo for good. Alfredo assumes that she swore Douphol asks if she truly in love with Barone. “Yes”, she lies, hoping to break Alfredo’s heart. Furious young man calls the guests and informs them that in order to stay together she spent all her money. Throwing all the winnings to Violetta’s feet he calls the guests to witness that he paid her off. Violetta faints. Flora grabs her. Frightened guests ask Alfredo to leave.

Giorgio Germont blames his son for shameful behavior as he enters. Violetta regains consciousness as everyone try to calm her, says:”Alfredo, You won’t understand the love I feel”. Barone steps up and calls up young man for duel.

Fourth act

Violetta’s bedroom a few hours later

Half empty room. Violetta is dying. Dottore Grenvil enters and asks how is she feeling. Violetta replies that she confessed to priest and she is calm now. Dottore encourage her but whispers to Annina as he leaves that she has got only a few hours to live. Violetta orders Annina give to the poor half of her money and sends maid after the post. She takes the letter out of her pocket to rad it once again.

Giorgio Germont explains in the letter that he told his son about her sacrifice and Alfredo is rushing back to ask for forgivness. He had to leave Paris after he hurt Douphol at the duel but since Barone is better, Alfred can return. Violetta is saying goodbye to happiness she found with Alfredo.

As Annina returns, she tells Violetta that she’s got a visitor and asks not to worry. Alfredo runs in, grabs Violetta and swears not to leave her. They dream to leave Paris. Happiness is so close. Overjoyed Violetta asks Annina to to help her dress so they can exchange vows with Alfredo. But she is very weak to lift herself up. Alfredo tries to comfort her. Dottor and Giorgio Germont enter. Alferdo’s father hugs her and understands seriousness of her illness.

Violetta hands Alfredo pendant with her own photograph and says that one day he will meet his love and marry. Alfredo is broken as he can’t imagine his life without Violetta. Suddenly Violleta feels burst of energy and lifts herself up and after a minute falls lifeless on the floor. Everyone look at her petrified.  


La traviata La traviata