Swan Lake

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  • “Swan Lake” (ballet in 3 acts)

    Age restriction: 6+

    Composer: Pyotr Tchaikovsky

    Author of libretto: Vladimir Begitchev and Vasiliy Geltzer

    Type: Romantic ballet

    Duration: 2 hour and 50 minutes


    Performance conductor: Eyyub Guliyev

    Stage director: Gamar Almaszadeh

    Brief description

    First act

    First scene: Prince Siegfried is celebrating his adulthood in the garden of an ancient castle. Guests are raising their goblets in Siegfried’s name, dancing, having fun. Sovereign princess is reminding her son that he should choose himself a bride.

    Getting dark. Siegfried stays by himself. Swan flock flies by. He grabs crossbow impetuously and runs to the lake.

    Second scene: Deserted lake shore. Proud swans swim in the lake. These are enchanted women turned into swans by evil wizard Von Rothbart. Only young man’s true love towards beautiful Odette will break the evil spell and ruin evil wizard.

    Prince appears. He notices as one swan with a crown swims to the shore and turns into beautiful lady- queen of swans Odette. Princes tries to approach her but frightened Odette runs away. Siegfried rushes towards her. Suddenly their eyes meet and feelings take over both of them. Prince swears to love Odette forever.

    Second act

    Celebration continues in the castle. Prince suppose to choose his bride amongst known ladies of the kingdom but none of the invited catches his gaze.

    Sounds of the trumpets inform about new guests arrival. It’s evil wizard Von Rothbart and his daughter Odile disguised as Odette. Wily stranger casts spell on prince. She seems like a queen of swans to him. Tricked by this prince chooses Odile as his bride. She swears to love her. Rothbart is celebrating- prince broke his vow of faithfulness and now Odette and her friends will stay as swans forever.

    Shocked prince desperately rushes to the lake.

    Third act

    Night. Sadly, drooping swan girls are by the lake. Prince didn’t keep his vow given to Odette. Hope to break free from evil spell collapsed. Jubilant Von Rothbart flying above their frightened pack. Siegfried appears. He begs Odette for forgiveness. She’s prepared to forgive prince but she and her friends will forever stay as swans. Siegfried is in desperation. He engages in an unequal fight with Von Rothbart. Evil wizard tries to separate lovers. But evil retreats before the power of love. Wizard’s gloomy castle falls apart, Von Rothbart dies. Love triumphs. The rays of rising sun illuminate happy Odette and Siegfried.

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