• Abdullah Shaig "Tik-tik khanim"

    Age Limit: 3+

    Author: Abdullah Shaig

    Acting director: People’s artist Agakhan Salmanli

    Starring: Gunel Mammadova, Elnur Karimov

    Genre: fairy tale and performance

    Duration of the performance: 1hour 5 min

    The two-part fair tale and performance "Tik-tik khanim" by Abdulla Shaig was staged on the basis of children's favorite tale. The performance is not only talking about friendship and kindness, but also praises the honesty. Therefore, a friendship between Tik-tik khanim and Mouse that was subjected to a number of trials prevails and they reconcile. There are cheerful songs and interesting dances in the play that will drawyour children's attention.


Azerbaijan State Youth Theatre of Young Spectators

Nizami Street 72, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 51) 466 23 80
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From 3+ age
Event duration:
14:00 - 15:00 - Sun, 7 July