• Welcome  dear guests, we  inform you that in the club "HYPE (old SOHO/TABOO)" with the support of the company "A.F.R.O." our staff awaits you with joy at the Halloween party. Besides dancing and having a good time, you will be surprise by LED robots , Rock concert and much more. Special locations were allocated for the "Face Art". In addition to the music that you will like, various competitions will also be held. One of the competitions will be the Hip-Hop Battle and also the competition for the best costume.

    1) The winner of the Hip-Hop battle will receive a watch “Original Xiaomi Mi Band 4” from A.F.R.O.

    2) Winners for the scariest costume will receive souvenirs from "A.F.R.O." (1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd place)

    Our Security will keep order and people under 18 will not be allowed into the club. All guests will go through Control. Prohibited items: 1-Narcotic substances, 2- Cutting and stitching objects, 3-Food and drinks. It will be the most unforgettable and interesting Halloween.

                                                             * Happy Halloween! *


Hype Mad Club

Huseyn Cavid 17
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From 18+ age
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18:00 - 0:00 - Sun, 27 Oct