Sat 8.06.2019 20:00

Elektra Events Hall

M 30

Event passed
Event passed
  • The first T-Fest concert will take a place in Electra Hall Baku on June 8. 

    T-Fest musician, Gasgolder’s creative association rapidly broke into all musical charts in 2017 with two hit tracks, “Don’t forget” and “Fly away”.

    Young and promising T-Fist musician presents his new album “Youth 97”.

    In 2018 T-Fist released his third debut album “The Foreigner”, with such tracks as “Scandal” and “The Foreigner”.

    Also, he is known with his mutual with Scriptonite tracks as “Lambada” and “Multibranded”. 

    Just reminding you that this is already Gasgolder’s second concert in Baku.

    VIP - 100-150-250 AZN


Elektra Events Hall

National Flag Square, Baku, Azerbaijan
(+994 50) 700 70 97
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20:00 - 23:00 - Sat, 8 June