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  • "Hero League" - a unique team of professionals involved in the organization of the largest sports events in Russia for the past 5 years. The "Hero League" projects unite the broadest layers of society, push the usual boundaries of sports events and have gained sympathies and love of thousands of people. "Hero League" is properly considered the fashion trendsetter in the Russian industry of major federal sports events. "Hero Race" is one of the most famous projects of the organizational team - a race of obstacles that’s been running since 2013 and has visited all major regions of Russia. In total, just in 2017, 70 races are planned to be held throughout the country. That means 500 000 participants, spectators and fans from all over Russia, 20 regions, over 200 km of paved roads and more than 1000 constructions. In Azerbaijan, the project named "Mübarizlər" will be held for the first time on September 23, in the Training Center area of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The project format is- running through the rugged terrain by passing obstacles. Racers have to pass via course, difficult for each city or country - with their peculiarities. Unbelievable landscapes and stunning obstacles make each race unique. The course for this event is built in the world’s most beautiful places: ski resorts and recreation parks, mountain peaks and picturesque valleys, from Moscow to Baku. "Mübarizlər" is a team event. Most obstacles are designed in a way that they can hardly be passed without the support of your teammates. Racers overcome "handles", tunnels and even entire "scout strip". Anyone can take part - just call your friends, register on the site or join your soul-mates right in the race. Two participation formats available- Team and Championship. A 5-km course with 21 obstacles for Team format, and within Championship format -a 10-km course with 40 obstacles for those who desperately want to challenge their strength. Obstacles are specially designed in a way to engage all muscle groups while passing the course. Among "Mübarizlər" obstacles are: "handles", vertical walls to climb with the rope, jumping into the water from 5-m height, slides, carrying weights etc. The obstacles are mostly complex designs of wood and metal. “Mübarizlər” racers will test their strength in the team race or in one of two championship categories (men's individual and women's individual), determine their physical limits and strength, meet soul-mates, join sports and entertainment activities in the fan zone, and spend a whole day immersed in the atmosphere of a large-scale sports festival- unbelievable impressions experienced once in a life! For detailed information about the race, please visit our official website on www.heroleague.az and find us in social networks. Persons over 18 years are allowed to join the race. Free entry for guests and spectators.
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Event duration:
15:00 - 20:00 - Sat, 23 Sept

Training Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations

15th km of Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh road
+994 12 512 00 28