Gulliver in the Land of the Lilliputians

Sun 27.10.2019 14:00


"Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians"

Age Limit: 3+

Author: Jonathan Swift

Acting director: Elshad Rahim-zadeh

Starring: Elshan Hajibabayev, Mushfig Aliyev

Genre: fairy tale and performance

Duration of the performance: 1hour

     Giant Gulliveraccidentally comes to the country of the lilliputians. These lilliputians are in a great danger. They are helpless in preventing it. The Merciful Gulliver saves them. So the lilliputians decide to be friends with him. The performance full of many funny games and events draws attention with its moving decor, beautiful dances, music, and, first of all, a very interesting acting. The performance courages children and youngsters to feel compassion, to be sympathetic and a patriot.

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