Pippi Longstocking


"Pippi Longstocking" (One-part musical)

Based on the samenamenovel of Astrid Lindgren

Staged by: Staphan Gotestam

Age Limit: 3+

Author: Astrid Lindgren

Acting director: Honoured art worker Bahram Osmanov

Starring: Zumrud Guliyeva, Khayala Meydanova

Genre: fairy tale and performance

Duration of the performance: 1 hour

Pippi has no mother and her father is in the sea. She is left alone. In the meantime, his closest friend is a monkey and a horse. Nevertheless, she finds new friends for herself. However, mother and other surroundings of these friends consider Pippi’s independence andunusual behavior abnormal. The social security department is trying to send her to the orphanage. At the last moment, her father comes and rescues his daughter from those who do not accepther. Many such opinions as to stand up for the poor, help the helpless, to be patriotic and humanist, and thoughts aboutfamily upbringing are uttered during the performance. This spectacle is of great educational significance for young audiences, with an eye-catching acting, beautiful decor, and some other good features.

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